Kurulus Osman

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 1 with English Subtitles

Kayı Tribe's Diplomatic Mission and Betrayal: Osman's Bravery Unveiled

In the shadow of Ertuğrul Bey’s legacy, the “Kayı Tribe’s Diplomatic Mission and Betrayal” unfolds as Dündar Bey leads the tribe into a precarious alliance. Venturing to Kulucahisar, their pursuit of trade and security, underpinned by the hopes of continuing Ertuğrul Bey’s diplomatic relations, takes a dark turn.

The welcoming facade of Governor Yorgopolos masks a sinister plot, as an esoteric organization, threatened by the burgeoning friendship between Tekfur and the Turks, orchestrates a deadly ambush. It’s within these castle walls that Osman, alongside his uncle Dündar Bey, steps into the fray, derailing their malicious plans with unparalleled valor.

This chapter in the Kayı saga serves as the inception of “Kayı Tribe’s Diplomatic Mission and Betrayal,” guiding Osman, the tribe’s indomitable spirit, into a web of clandestine alliances and peril. Each step closer to diplomacy spins a new thread of danger, pulling the Kayı Tribe into the clutches of betrayal.

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