Frequently Asked Questions


When is the next episode? What time is the episode released? can you release all episodes? where is season 3 or 4? 

Please read this carefully! Very carefully!

Every episode can only be released once they are released on youtube.

If you dont see an episode on OsmanOnline, it means it isnt released (for some this is hard to understand but honestly it is very simple)

Release times for the episodes:

Kurulus Osman – 11.59pm every Wednesday (UK Time and date)

Uyanis – 11.59pm every Monday (UK Time and date)

Payitaht – 12am – 1am Saturday (UK Time and date)


“But in history (wikipedia, facebook souces)  it says Turgut was always with Osman so where is he and when is Turgut coming back?”

We don’t know and when we do or if we do we will let you know.  This show is inspired by history not everything is 100% accurate.


Where is dogans son and wife? Will Dogans son come? 

Honestly these are irrelevant questions that dont need to be asked, if you really want to learn about real history please start reading on the ottoman history from an actual source and NOT wikipedia. Even better start reading about the seerah of the prophet PBUH and his companions. This will benefit you more than anything.


Where can i find Malazgirt with English subtitles, I have been looking everywhere and cant find it?

It hasnt been released yet! if it had been released dont you think it would be on osmanonline?! come on! common sense! (I promise you something special on osmanonline for this movie when it is released).


Can you send us your subtitles files?

Sorry no.


Why dont we upload to you tube?

Youtube block our videos, it is impossible to upload on there.


Google casting? Apple Casting? Chrome Casting? Buffering?

“When I go onto youtube, I can cast the videos they do not buffer it just works flawless. but when I play videos on osmanonline, I cant cast or it can buffer at times”

Youtube, google, apple are all multi million pound companies, OsmanOnline is small group of volunteers who  bring our translated episodes to you for free. We simply cannot afford it like these huge companies to invest into servers that cost over 100k just so that you can cast off your phone.

We work with servers which are within our limits and should be able to handle the viewers. osmanonline has around 6 million hits a  month! Donations do not even cover quarter of our costs (for which which we are so thankful Jazakallah Khayran) most of the costs come out of our own pockets.

So the next time you want to complain about not being able to cast, just because you cant be bothered to input a web address into the tvs web browser, just remember  we are bringing you a premium service completely free of charge.


Emailing with an issue

We try to reply and fix isssues for whoever messages us, however please included as much as information as you can. We have emails such as

“the video isnt working”

The more details you send us, the more easier it is for us to resolve the issue.


why is my email not being replied to?

Because you are probably asking a stupid question.


All jokes aside we are forever grateful to all our viewers on osmanonline.co.uk – if only we could thank each and every one of you we would.

Please please please when watching these turkish serials, movies – take lessons from them, dont just watch them as entertainment. Try to take lessons, become better people,  become better muslims.

All we ask from you is to share our links whenever and wherever possible and to take part in our fundraising charity projects.

Please remember us and the ummah in  your duas!


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